Star Lake

Star lake is a 127 acre crystal-clear, deep (80 ft!), quiet lake that is located at the northeast end of the Ossawinnamakee (Ossie) chain (~1200 total acres). You are able to access Little Star, Little Round, and Bass Lakes via small boat or canoe/kayak (~315 acres). There is a channel between Bass and Kimball that also ultimately connects to Ossie, but that is STRONGLY discouraged as there are zebra mussels in those lakes and we do not want to spread them to our section of the chain. There is no public access on the lake currently, so keep that in mind if you are bringing a boat.

DNR Info On Star Lake:

Fishing Info:

There is GREAT fishing in Star Lake. One of the bonuses of not having a public access on the lake is that it is not over-fished. We frequently catch Northern pike that are 5+ pounds. See photos below of catches from summer/fall of 2020, including an almost 40″ 15+ lb pike! There are also good amounts of bass in the lake, an occasional walleye, and an abundance of pan fish. Large fish can also be caught right off the dock due to the drop-off, so no boat necessary!

Lake Map

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